terça-feira, 28 de setembro de 2010

My job

Well, I dunno if everybody is aware of it but I am a teacher of English. Yeah, that's right!!! I've been in this area for 14 years and of course have had ups and downs. Quite a long time, right? But I just LOVE what I do. I've had all kinds of students and most of them are still in my mind and in my heart.

Being a teacher is more than just going to class and teach what is written in the books. You end up being part of every student's life!

Since 2002 I've worked only with adults coz I found out that's what drives me regarding commitment and interesting talks and I can say it's been a joy being in contact with all walks of life. They've taught me much more than I've taught them.

Why am I writing this? Coz this morning, in the course of a class, I could realize how rewarding my job is when you have great students. My student, who is a product manager in a pharmaceutical company, is such a nice person and has so much to say that I could have spent the whole morning there without charging an extra fee for overtime. LOL!!!

It may sound kinda old-fashioned but if you do what you like, you will always see the bright side of it and be the happiest person ever.

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  1. há há há... entendi tudo,mas não sei escrever em inglês...quem sabe mais lá prá frente vc me ajude nisso...

  2. Cool!!! Great beginning :-)

    Adiciona o meu aí (http://ctellier.net), que o seu eu já incluí no meu blogroll, confere lá...